About Pro PC Tools

Pro PC Tools Plus is a young and exciting provider of helpdesk and support services covering a wide spectrum of industries including, but not limited to, IT, ITES, BPO, KPO, Higher Education, Medical Institutes, Software and Hardware vendors and OEMs and we take pride in offering a custom solution to all our clients exactly as per their requirements.

We boast of a fresh and dynamic approach to the problems of all our clients individually, whereby we understand the entire end-to-end process flow, identify areas of improvements, get a detailed list of requirements from them and then offer a customized solution that fits the initial requirements perfectly.

Due to the changing dynamics of almost all industries, coupled with the advent and rise in use of smartphones with internet connection, companies can no longer afford to offer their products and service across just any one medium, no matter how long have they been doing that in the past. The end-user is a knowledgable and informed consumer as well with all the resources at their disposal and they demand an integration with the existing services or product they are already using and are not too keen on setting up and learning a new delivery mode.

We help you diversify your services across web, mobile apps, phone, email, messages etc. and ensure that every single customer, undergoing the Customer Development Life Cycle after being assosicated with your product or service, has a smooth, painless and hassle-free experience and they consider that the bechmark of a great service delivery.

Through our sincere endeavors, in the past and present, we consistently strive to envelope the complete spectrum of premium quality support services, in order to help your business entity stay much ahead of the rivals. Simply put, with Pro PC Tools as your trusted business processes outsourcing partner, you can rest assured of unparalleled genteel professional services which are both, time as well as cost efficient.