computer basics

You may be a housewife, a retired gentleman, a Grammy, a maid, a transfer student etc. but it is never too late to enjoy the magic of Computers and the vast, almost infinite source of knowledge it offers you. We start our Computer Basic program by introducing you to this miracle machine that used to fill up rooms 40 years ago, and now we can hold it in our palm, wear it on our wrist and use it in any of it's modern avatar. Once you understand the basics of the actual computer, we move to the next step of understanding how exactly does it work, what all can be done with a computer and introduce you to one of the greatest inventions of the last century, the World Wide Web and help you navigate your way smoothly and with confidence.

PC Setup & Maintenance

If you have an inquisitive mind and are always more interested in how it works, rather than what it does - then this program is the ideal fit for you. You are taken through the vast and dense forest of Setup and maintenance of your personal computer. Our Support Experts will help you become familiar with the basic inner workings of your Operating System, how are software installed, uninstalled and what to do when to do, and the tips and tricks to identify any error you might encounter. You are also trained on reading error logs, understanding crash dumps and how to get additional support if you are unable to tackle some particularly complicated issue.

Internet and Email

"Time is valuable and always lesser than what we really need, so if you are not interested in understanding the How and Why of a Computers working and directly want to jump in the sea of internet and World Wide Web to go online, this is the perfect module for you. No need to know how does your laptop works - all you need to learn is how to browse websites, create and use an email address, understand and get hooked to chat messengers etc.

So don't look any further and start surfing the seas of the Internet right away!"

MS Office Basics - Word, Excel, PowerPoint

MS Office is the last work in office productivity software, be it an NGO, a 4 people startup or a 4000 people international investment firm, Office is the product you are sure to encounter the most. Enroll with the Office Basics program and learn the basics of MS Office - including MS Word, MS Excel and MS Powerpoint, how to create your first document, worksheet and presentation with common formatting and design and layout and also understand most of the commonly used features, commands and tools available with Office that make your end-user experience a joy ride.

MS Office Expert - Word, Excel, PowerPoint

If you are already familiar with the basics of Office - Word, Excel and Presentation or if you have already completed our Basic Office module and are now hungry for more and want to dive in the infinite depths of advanced Office use, this is the last stop you will ever need. Learn the advanced features, formulas, transitions, mail merge, and many other scripting methods like Macros etc. and not only make your own life easier and work better, but also impress your co workers and get crowned as the MS Office King or Queen!

Advantage Plan

  • Basic Computer Usage Training
  • How to use Help
  • Install/Uninstall Software
  • Internet Basics
  • Windows Essential Skills

Essential Plan

  • Basic Setup and Maintenance Training
  • Learn how to identify errors
  • Understanding RCA and diagnosis
  • Customize Windows and generic settings
  • Computer Security Basics

Premium Care

  • Microsoft® Office - Basics Training
  • Introduction to Word, Excel and Powerpoint
  • >How to create documents and use templates
  • Essential Formating, Formulas and Transitions
  • Share and collaborate files using Onedrive®

Digital Solution

  • Microsoft® Office - Expert Training
  • Macros and other task automation
  • Mail Merge, Advanced formatting, Smart graphics
  • Pivot Tables/Charts, Conditional formatting, Tables
  • Animating, Create and modify themes, Slide Master usage